Delio 36 piccoloThe “Associazione amici di Delio Ossola” is a Nonprofit Association founded in 1999 in memory of Delio Ossola, a mountain guide who died on the Matterhorn. The Association works to educate children   about the world of mountains. For over 10 years - thanks to a collaboration with the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Ticino - the “ Associazione amici di Delio Ossola “ provide Alpine Guides to primary schools in the Canton of Ticino that offer different activities to the children, such as climbing, hiking with snowshoes etc.  All revenue collected, with annual fees (20 fr - members / 100  fr -  supporting members) as well as the organized evenings, are allocated to the different activities with primary schools. The Association “ Associazione amici di Delio Ossola ” also owns the Via Ferrata on the San Salvatore, visited every year by many fans.